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[DOCS] Clarify AWS Load Balancer Operator documentation


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      Description of problem:

      The documentation for the AWS Load Balancer Operator is not clear in several parts.


      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

      4.11, 4.12, 4.13



      - Several sections of the ALBO documentation are missing in 4.11 (like the release notes). If ALBO is supported in 4.11 (the documentation doesn't states the opposite), it should be updated the same than 4.12+
      - In the installation document [1], there are no references to the installation steps shown in Operator Hub for the operator (like the creation of the `CredentialsRequest`). That information should be also in the documentation.
      - In the document for the installation with STS, at the end of the `bootstrapping` section [2] it's needed to proceed with the operator installation. That is not clear in the doc, and should be added (with a link to the installation procedure without creating the `CredentialsRequest`, as that is done with `ccoctl` in [2]).
      - The `<path-to-credrequests-dir>` is used for different `credrequests` in [2] [3] [4]. Use different directories for the different sections according with the resources to configure (for exampe, `path-to-credrequests-operator-dir`, `path-to-credrequests-controller-dir`.
      - Add info about what the `<name>` should (or could) be.
      - Add info about how to get the `<oidc-arn>` from AWS.
      - After installing the operator (that is currently missing in [2]), check that the operator pod is running in the `aws-load-balancer-operator` namespace.
      - The steps in [3] cannot be done if following [2] and installing the operator after that. What are the steps to have an `aws-load-balancer-controller-<cr-name>` `credentialsrequest` in the `openshift-cloud-credential-operator` namespace to be able to follow [3]?
      - A prerequisite for [4] is to install the operator (which currently missing in [2]).
      - In [4], in the `<secret-name>` used in the last step, clarify that if the procedure was followed, it should be `aws-load-balancer-controller-manual-cluster`.
      - In [4], add the command to create the `AWSLoadBalancerController`, and after that, check that the controller pod is running in the `aws-load-balancer-operator` namespace.


      Additional info:

      It is not clear nowhere in the ALBO documentation that at least 2 subnets in two different AZs are needed for creating an ALB (for example, it is not valid if only a public *and* an internal subnets are in place), but it's possible to create NLB with a single subnet.
      There is additional info about that in the "Resolve multiple subnet discovery errors" section in [5]:
          Confirm that you have at least two subnets in two different Availability Zones. This is a requirement for creating an Application Load Balancer.
            Note: You can create a Network Load Balancer with a single subnet.


      [1] https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/4.12/networking/aws_load_balancer_operator/install-aws-load-balancer-operator.html
      [2] https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/4.12/networking/aws_load_balancer_operator/installing-albo-sts-cluster.html#nw-bootstra-albo-on-sts-cluster_albo-sts-cluster
      [3] https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/4.12/networking/aws_load_balancer_operator/installing-albo-sts-cluster.html#nw-installing-albo-on-sts-cluster_albo-sts-cluster
      [4] https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/4.12/networking/aws_load_balancer_operator/installing-albo-sts-cluster.html#nw-installing-albo-on-sts-cluster-predefined-credentials_albo-sts-cluster
      [5] https://repost.aws/knowledge-center/eks-load-balancer-controller-subnets

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