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Fix Loki timeouts querying logs from OCP Console


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    • Before this update, the LokiStack route configuration caused queries running longer than 30 seconds to timeout. With this update, the LokiStack global/per-tenant queryTimeout setting affects the Route timeout setting resolves the issue.
    • Log Storage - Sprint 235, Log Storage - Sprint 236, Log Storage - Sprint 237
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      Description of problem:

      Needed to review and fix all the points for being able to see the logs from the OCP Console from Observe > Logs when the backend storage is Loki.

      Loki is failing from the Console to return results when the query is exceeding 30 seconds. In the past, some bugs were opened and also was opened an RFE to OCP Console:

       -  bug LOG-3498 where a hardcoded timeout was in the logging-view-plugin.

       - timeout to 30 seconds coming from the Console: https://issues.redhat.com/browse/RFE-3775

      Also, after commenting with engineering, the timeouts in Loki, have different/inconsistent values:

      • logging-view-plugin: 30s
      • lokistack-gateway: 10m
      • loki: 1m

      Needed to make the product consistent in the timeout values and even if possible, configurable directly from the end-user/admin of the OCP Cluster being able to query logs without any problem.

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

      RHOL 5.6 using Loki as backend storage

      How reproducible:

      As reference LOG-3498 where QE was failing

      Steps to Reproduce:

      Check LOG-3498 for reference and QE tests.

      Actual results:

      Failing when the query is longer than 30s. Not difficult to hit it when asking 1 day or 2 days of logs

      Expected results:

      Able to see logs in the OCP Console > Observe > Logs when the query is taking longer than 30 seconds.

      Additional info:

            ptsiraki@redhat.com Periklis Tsirakidis
            rhn-support-ocasalsa Oscar Casal Sanchez
            Anping Li Anping Li
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