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Loki returning timed out after 30000ms


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    • Before this update, query histogram from webconsole longer than 30 seconds to timeout. With this update, the timeout value can be configured in the configmap/logging-view-plugin
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      Description of problem:

      When using Loki as Logstore and accessing to {}OCP Console -> Observe -> Logs{} when it's taking more than 30 seconds in returning the data requested, it's observed an error as:

      LOG: Request: /api/proxy/plugin/logging-view-plugin/backend/api/logs/v1/application/loki/api/v1/query_range?query=sum+by+%28level%29+%28count_over_time%28%7B+log_type%3D%7E%22.%2B%22+%7D+%7C+json+%5B1h%5D%29%29&start=1669969260000000000&end=1670228460000000000&step=1h timed out after 30000ms.

      After discussion, it seems that the 30s of timeout is coming from the value defined as constant in the logging-view-plugin in:

      Usually, this problem happens when asking for logs for several days.

      The bug is opened because this timeout coming from the logging-view-plugin is not the same timeout that is configured in Loki, that it's bigger, they should both use the same timeout.

      Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

      $ oc get csv
      oc getNAME                    DISPLAY                     VERSION   REPLACES   PHASE
      cluster-logging.5.5.5   Red Hat OpenShift Logging   5.5.5                Succeeded
      loki-operator.5.5.5     Loki Operator               5.5.5                Succeeded

      How reproducible:


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1) Create a OCP cluster with pods logging massively.
      2) Select a time range from OCP -> Observe -> Logs to get this reproduced. For example, 2 days or 3 days.

      Actual results:

      Returned timeout error after 30 seconds

      Expected results:

      Returned the logs requested

      NOTE: take into consideration that by default, it's 30 days the days of retention logs, then, the timeout should be big enough to return the logs when asking for several days


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