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Import application: would like to get a workspace project that's using the context-dir and branch used in OpenShift



      We're missing the ability to provide a context dir within a git repo when importing an application from OpenShift. The application wizard allows the user to set a context dir, which is used when importing right after the successfull creation. The (standalone) import is lacking this.

      steps to reproduce:

      1. EXEC: launch openshift application wizard and pick "eap64-basic-s2i"
      2. ASSERT: in the next page make sure there is "kitchensink" set to the CONTEXT_DIR template parameter
      3. ASSERT: in the parameters, make sure that the SOURCE_REPOSITORY_REF is set to "6.4.x"
      4. EXEC: finish the wizard and once the resources are created, simply confirm the import dialog that pops up
      5. ASSERT: you get a "jboss-kitchensink" in your workspace. The import actually cloned the whole repo "jboss-eap-quickstarts" and imported the project within the "kitchensink" (the CONTEXT_DIR) folder as a workspace project
      6. EXEC: switch the branch in the git repo that already exists (ex. switch to master)
      7. EXEC: in OpenShift Explorer: kill your workspace project, select the "eap-app" service and choose "Import Application" in the context-menu.
      8. EXEC: in the upcoming import wizard, check "reuse existing repository" and then hit "Finish"

      You get a project "jboss-eap-quickstart".

      There was no way to provide a context dir. To get the kitchensink project you need to remove the jboss-eap-quickstart" project, checkout the correct branch and reimport "kitchensink" (kitchensink only exists in the 6.4.x branch, not in the 7.x branches) manually as an existing maven project.

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