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LiveReload, BrowserSim and CordovaSim broken after TP changes (Jetty)


    Scenarios to verify the issue:
    1. Obvious scenario - just check livereload(that it starts and working with webpages), browsersim(open browsersim, switch to javafx mode, open any page and debug it with Dev Tools), cordovasim(launch hybrid app). Pavol Srna, please don't forget to do a cordovasim+feedhenry smoke.
    2. According to the changes that we made into the code we need to also check that livereload and sims are installable into vanilla Eclipse Mars without all JBossTools plugins. So we need to check such cases:
    install livereload and both sims from jbt updatesite(one feature for one Eclipse instance) and just check that feature works
    install features from updatesite one after another(i.e. install livereload, check it, then install browsersim and see if it is installed without any errors)
    install all features together

    After the latest TP changes, the Jetty dependencies were set at a specific range to exclude the latest versions of some Jetty bundles brought as transitive dependencies of other bundles, using [9.2.10, 9.3), but the TP itself was wrong and contained Eclipse Neon bundles (see JBIDE-20662). After the TP was fixed, the unwanted Jetty bundles were in version 9.2.13 which was caught by the specific range aforementioned, but this causes runtime errors because some classes cannot be resolved (org.eclipse.jetty.util.thread.Spinlock, for example).

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