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Design http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools structure


    • Sprint #3 May 2015, Sprint #4 May 2015, Sprint #5 Jun 2015, Sprint #6 July 2015, Sprint #8 August 2015, Sprint #9 September 2016

      We have several types of objects which names should be presented in site stucture:

      1. Project: jbosstools
      2. Project Version: 4.1.0.Beta2,4.1.0.CR1, 4.1.0.Final
      3. Subproject: core, soatools
      4. Module: base, javaee, central, freemarker and etc.
      5. Distribution Type: updates|builds
      6. Bits Type: stable|development|nightly
      7. Targeted Eclipse: indigo|juno|kepler
      8. You name it ...

      Now we mostly use following patterns to publish nightly bits, but not always and not for every project:

      1. aggregated update sites: ${Project Name}/updates/${Bits Type}/${Subproject Name}/${Targeted Eclipse}
      2. jbosstools modules composite nightly update sites are in ${Project Name}/builds/staging and it has no structure
      3. jbosstools modules builds are published to ${Project Name}/builds/${Bits Type} and it seems strategy of publishing is always being changed here, there is folder that match subcomponent name 'core' that was updated last time in February and 'trunk' folder that contains recent bits

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