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reorg/refactor directories for consistency across JBT/JBDS


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    • 9.0.0.Beta1
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    • Sprint #1 April 2015, Sprint #2 April 2015, Sprint #3 May 2015
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      Be it resolved - we should reorg directories for consistency across JBT/JBDS:

      Latest suggestion:

      • /{mars,9.0}/
        • /{snapshots,staging,development,stable}/
          • /updates/
            • /{requirements, jbosstoolstarget,jbdevstudiotarget, core,coretests,webtools,hibernatetools, discovery, central,earlyaccess, integration-stack,integration-stack-earlyaccess}/
              • /<build-version = 4.3.0.Alpha1, 4.3.0.Final, 4.41.*, 4.50.*...>/
          • /builds/
            • /<job-name>/
              • / {<pull-request-version = PR123, PR124, PR125...>, <build-version = B123, B124, B125...>}


      Older idea:

             /snapshots [replace nightly]
             /staging [rename content for QE, moves to development when approved]
             /stable (updates/<mars,9.0>/stable is a pointer back into parent folder so published URL can be simpler
            drop /integration (not used)
          builds/<jobname>/composite*.xml for last N builds

      Further discussion in http://ether-man.rhcloud.com/p/build.next.20141112

      This would remove the idea of the composite staging site [1] and the composite install job [2], today used to determine when it's time to run the aggregate builds, in favour of a new p2diff mechanism for determining if aggregates should be published. See JBIDE-18742 and JBIDE-16970.

      [1] http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/builds/staging/_composite_/core/4.2.luna/
      [2] https://jenkins.mw.lab.eng.bos.redhat.com/hudson/view/DevStudio/view/DevStudio_8.0.luna/job/jbosstools-composite-install_4.2.luna/

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