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Replace staging & staging.previous (two builds w/ reused URLs) with uniquely timestamped build URLs and auto-regenerated composite*.xml files


      Be it proposed:

      that instead of an in-place move which reuses
      generic folder names like "staging" and "staging.previous", we
      composite build output using unique names like
      2013-08-09_05-05-26-B7222/ or 2013-08-13_10-05-28-B7255

      We therefore need:

      a) to regenerate the composite site each time there's a new build
      published, in order to remove the oldest and add the newest (keeping
      only the Nth and N-1rst builds)

      (I have a script that might already work for this, or would need

      b) heuristics to determine when an older (N-2, N-3, ... N-z) build is
      no longer needed, perhaps simply by assuming no one needs it after

      24 hours should be more that enough.

      c) a cleanup script which can purge all but the builds which are no
      more than 1 day old, keeping at all times at least two builds (N and

      (I have a script that already does this for folders like
      http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/builds/nightly/core/trunk/ but
      might need to be tweaked to work for a new pattern of
      staging/\${JOB_NAME}/<BUILD_ID>/ .)

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