• HAC Infra - Sprint 217, HAC Infra - Sprint 218

      Add support for PDB (Pod Disruption Budget) to the console.


      • Add a list, detail, and yaml view (with samples) for PDBs. In addition, update the workloads page to support PDBs as well.
      • For the PBD list page include a table with name, namespace, selector, availability, allowed disruptions and created. In addition, to the table provide the main call to action to create a PDB.
      • For the PDB details page provide a Details, YAML and Pods tab. The Pods tab will include a list pods associated with the PBD - make sure to surface the owner column.
      • When users create a PDB from the list page, take them to the YAML and provide samples to enhance the creation experience. Sample 1: Set max unavailable to 0, Sample 2: Set min unavailable to 25% (confirming samples with stakeholders). In the case that a PDB has already been applied, warn users that it is not recommended to add another. Cover use cases as well that keep users from creating poor policies - for example, setting the minimum available to zero.
      • Add the ability to add/edit/view PBDs on a workload. If we edit a PDB applied to multiple workloads, warn users that this change will affect all workloads and not only the one they are currently editing. When a PDB has been applied, add a new filed to the details page with a link to the PDB and policy.


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