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Console: Customer Happiness (RFEs) for 4.8-4.12


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      Feature Overview

      • This Section:* High-Level description of the feature ie: Executive Summary
      • Note: A Feature is a capability or a well defined set of functionality that delivers business value. Features can include additions or changes to existing functionality. Features can easily span multiple teams, and multiple releases.



      • This Section:* Provide high-level goal statement, providing user context and expected user outcome(s) for this feature



      • This Section:* A list of specific needs or objectives that a Feature must deliver to satisfy the Feature.. Some requirements will be flagged as MVP. If an MVP gets shifted, the feature shifts. If a non MVP requirement slips, it does not shift the feature.


      Requirement Notes isMvp?
      CI - MUST be running successfully with test automation This is a requirement for ALL features. YES
      Release Technical Enablement Provide necessary release enablement details and documents. YES


      (Optional) Use Cases

      This Section: 

      • Main success scenarios - high-level user stories
      • Alternate flow/scenarios - high-level user stories
      • ...


      Questions to answer…

      • ...


      Out of Scope


      Background, and strategic fit

      This Section: What does the person writing code, testing, documenting need to know? What context can be provided to frame this feature.



      • ...


      Customer Considerations

      • ...


      Documentation Considerations

      Questions to be addressed:

      • What educational or reference material (docs) is required to support this product feature? For users/admins? Other functions (security officers, etc)?
      • Does this feature have doc impact?  
      • New Content, Updates to existing content,  Release Note, or No Doc Impact
      • If unsure and no Technical Writer is available, please contact Content Strategy.
      • What concepts do customers need to understand to be successful in [action]?
      • How do we expect customers will use the feature? For what purpose(s)?
      • What reference material might a customer want/need to complete [action]?
      • Is there source material that can be used as reference for the Technical Writer in writing the content? If yes, please link if available.
      • What is the doc impact (New Content, Updates to existing content, or Release Note)?

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