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Update custom console routes to use new CustomDomains cluster API


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    • OCPPLAN-8030 - Console: Customer Happiness (RFEs) for 4.8-4.12
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      The work on this story is dependent on following changes:


      The console already supports custom routes on the operator config. With the new proposed CustomDomains API introduces a unified way how to stock install custom domains for routes, which both names and serving cert/keys, customers want to customise. From the console perspective those are:

      • openshift-console / console
      • openshift-console / downloads (CLI downloads)


      The setup should be done on the Ingress config. There two new fields are introduced:

      • ComponentRouteSpec - contains configuration of the for the custom domain(name, namespace, custom hostname, TLS secret reference)
      • ComponentRouteStatus - contains status of the custom domain(condition, previous hostname, rbac needed to read the TLS secret, ...)


      Console-operator will be only consuming the API and check for any changes. If a custom domain is set for either `console` or `downloads` route in the `openshift-console` namespace, console-operator will read the setup set a custom route accordingly. When a custom route will be setup for any of console's route, the default route wont be deleted, but instead it will updated so it redirects to the custom one. This is done because of two reasons:

      1. we want to prevent somebody from stealing the default hostname of both routes (console, downloads)
      2. we want to prevent users from having unusable bookmarks that are pointing to the default hostname


      Console-operator will still need to support the CustomDomain API that is available on it's config.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • Console supports the new CustomDomains API for configuring a custom domain for both `console` and `downloads` routes
      • Console falls back to the deprecated API in the console operator config if present
      • Console supports the original default domains and redirects to the new ones



      • Which CustomDomain API takes precedens? Ingress config vs. Console-operator config. Can upgrade cause any issues?

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