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Use upstream KUBE_PING in JDG 7.2


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      JDG 7.2 is shipped with the upstream version of KUBE_PING (source code can be found here). Since we are early in development loop of 7.2, we would like to try it out (I mentioned it in "Embedded JGroups In OpenShift - Need some help" email thread).

      In order to use the upstream KUBE_PING we need to:

      • Update layers.conf file to pull modules shipped by us in the first place. That's the simplest way to discover upstream KUBE_PING.
      • Update clustered-openshift.xml file and replace old protocol name with the new one.
      • Translate old set of environmental variables into the new one. We need to preserve backwards compatibility with this change.

      For the external client, there should be no noticeable change (apart from configuration bits but the names can not conflict with each other).

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