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KUBE_PING doesn't work with JDG 7.2 OpenShift image


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      It seems that KUBE_PING doesn't work with the latest version of JDG 7.2 OpenShift image. The reason for this is that JDG 7.2 is shipped with upstream KUBE_PING which conflicts with the one provided in the openshift layer.

      The easiest solution is to revert layer ordering layers.conf file:

      echo "layers=base,openshift" > /opt/datagrid/modules/layers.conf

      This solution has additional advantage - we can fallback to previous KUBE_PING version (the one provided by the CE Team) by just changing this small line.

      However if the upstream KUBE_PING works fine and we are happy with it, we should remove the old version from the server. I think that's a solution we should take for JDG 8 or maybe sooner - 7.3.

            slaskawi@redhat.com Sebastian Łaskawiec (Inactive)
            slaskawi@redhat.com Sebastian Łaskawiec (Inactive)
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