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Install Projected Resource CSI driver via an operator



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      User Story

      As an OpenShift cluster admin
      I want the cluster storage operator to install the projected resource CSI driver via its own operator
      So that the projected resource CSI driver is available on my OpenShift cluster

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Set up repository so we can build the operator and run unit tests in CI.
      • Bootstrap the CSI delivery operator (likely based on the gcp-pd-csi-driver-operator).
      • Document requirements of a CSI delivery operator (what objects need to be created, what status needs to be reported, etc.)
      • Document how to deploy the CSI delivery operator via the cluster storage operator.

      Docs Impact

      The operator and/or the CSI driver repo should include documentation on how to share resources.


      Openshift's library-go repository has utility functions for these CSI delivery operators.
      Perhaps the fasted way to implement is to copy one of the existing delivery operators for cloud block storage, and update the logic to install manifests for the projected resource CSI driver:

      See https://github.com/openshift/enhancements/blob/master/enhancements/storage/csi-driver-install.md

      Modifying this operator to deploy via Operator Hub and OLM is out of scope for this story.

      Guiding Questions

      User Story

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