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Enable sharing ConfigMaps and Secrets across namespaces [Tech Preview]


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      Feature Overview

      Enable sharing ConfigMap and Secret across namespaces


      Requirement Notes isMvp?
      Secrets and ConfigMaps can get shared across namespaces   YES

      Questions to answer…


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      Background, and strategic fit

      Consumption of RHEL entitlements has been a challenge on OCP 4 since it moved to a cluster-based entitlement model compared to the node-based (RHEL subscription manager) entitlement mode. In order to provide a sufficiently similar experience to OCP 3, the entitlement certificates that are made available on the cluster (OCPBU-93) should be shared across namespaces in order to prevent the need for cluster admin to copy these entitlements in each namespace which leads to additional operational challenges for updating and refreshing them. 

      Documentation Considerations

      Questions to be addressed:
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