Release Notes - RESTEasy - Version 3.10.0.Final - HTML format


  • [RESTEASY-2435] - Finish writing `BasicIntegration` and `CustomizedConfiguration` sections and provide necessary examples

Feature Request



  • [RESTEASY-2143] - Replace JavaEE spec API dependencies with corresponding JakartaEE ones
  • [RESTEASY-2339] - Switch com.sun.mail:javax.mail dep to jakarta.mail:jakarta.mail-api
  • [RESTEASY-2439] - update the resteasy github project readme
  • [RESTEASY-2444] - Merge two duplicated FakeHttpServer
  • [RESTEASY-2449] - Class conflicts with jakarta.xml.bind-api & jboss-jaxb-api_2.3_spec
  • [RESTEASY-2453] - Remove decommisioned resteasy.scan* configuration parameters from Users Guide
  • [RESTEASY-2465] - remove obsolete profile resteasy-dependencies-eap
  • [RESTEASY-2476] - Upgrade SmallRye Config to 1.4.1


Component Upgrade


  • [RESTEASY-2342] - Avoid reflection on String parameters in StringParameterInjector
  • [RESTEASY-2379] - Multipart resolution with new RESTEasy @FormParam annotations
  • [RESTEASY-2400] - UnmodifiableMultivaluedMap: delegate toString

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