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RESTEasy-Netty4 timeout management



      I'm having an issue if i'm uploading a huge body possibly on network with small broadband. My TCP stream is closed, even if my request is still uploading. After multiple test it appears that this happens always at the time of the configured idleTimeout.

      In the resteasy-netty4 server-adapter we can find this documentation concerning the idleTimeout parameter:


      • Set the idle timeout.
      • Set this value to turn on idle connection cleanup.
      • If there is no traffic within idleTimeoutSeconds, it'll close connection.
      • @param idleTimeoutSeconds - How many seconds to cleanup client connection. default value -1 meaning no idle timeout.

      After some test with the chrome throttling and wireshark, it appeared that the server is closing the TCP stream after the idleTimeout, even when the client is still sending its tcp segments.

      This seems to be due by the fact that the IdleStateHandler is one of the last handler in the pipeline, especially after the HTTP one. IINM at this point of the pipeline the handler does not see any activity resulting in my issue.

      What would you think of putting this Handler as one of the first in the pipeline since this does not need the HTTP segments to be parsed and this would more reflect the excepted behavior of an idletimeout.

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