Release Notes - CDI Specification Issues - Version 1.2.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [CDI-331] - Instance.iterator() shouldn't include non-alternatives that haven't been replaced
  • [CDI-399] - Make cdi-api an OSGi bundle
  • [CDI-404] - adding bean-defining annotations for Interceptor while setting bean-discovery-mode="annotated"
  • [CDI-406] - Make stereotypes bean defining annotations
  • [CDI-421] - Organize the project as a full mvn project and clean dependencies
  • [CDI-427] - Review all annotations for inclusion to bean defining annotations


  • [CDI-368] - Bullet points not rendered properly
  • [CDI-376] - BeanManager#getProducerFactory return type differs between API and spec
  • [CDI-377] - automatic JSR-330 annotation processing problematic
  • [CDI-385] - ProcessObserverMethod is different btw spec and API
  • [CDI-386] - Two examples in section 5.2.4 contradict the rules of the same section
  • [CDI-388] - Session bean specialization example is not valid
  • [CDI-389] - Revert CDI-85
  • [CDI-398] - Clarify that an array with a variable component type or parameterized component type containing wildcards is not a valid bean type
  • [CDI-410] - @RequestScoped Javadoc outdated
  • [CDI-411] - CDI conversation activation conflicts with the Servlet spec
  • [CDI-413] - Update outdated license
  • [CDI-418] - 28 CDI 1.1 new class files bear @Since 1.2-SNAPSHOT instead of @Since 1.1
  • [CDI-422] - Wrong example for event qualifier types with members
  • [CDI-423] - Typo in section 11.3.26
  • [CDI-431] - BeanManager Javadoc inconsistency


  • [CDI-318] - @WithAnnotations types can appear on any supertype
  • [CDI-320] - Clarify whether ProcessAnnotatedType should be fired for annotations
  • [CDI-372] - clarify behaviour of implicit bean archive
  • [CDI-380] - Clarify SessionScoped
  • [CDI-381] - Additional implementations of Request Context
  • [CDI-382] - Clarify interceptors are not associated with the result of a producer method
  • [CDI-392] - Clarify when the operations of BeanManager can be called
  • [CDI-397] - Clarify Section 6.6.3 regarding singletons
  • [CDI-401] - Clarify the meaning of "bean class local view"
  • [CDI-405] - Reword the description of @RequestScoped and @ApplicationScoped in section 2.4.1
  • [CDI-408] - bean-discovery-mode="annotated" and Producers/Observers in @Dependent beans
  • [CDI-425] - Invocation of any container lifecycle event method at runtime should result in exception
  • [CDI-428] - Qualifying behavior for events and Observes is very different than qualifying beans and Injection Point
  • [CDI-429] - Consistency of all built-in normal scopes
  • [CDI-430] - Revise the description of container lifecycle ordering during application initialization

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