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Clarify SessionScoped


      The javadocs say:

      The request context is destroyed:

      • at the end of the servlet request, after the service() method, all
        doFilter() methods, and all requestDestroyed() and onComplete()
        notifications return,
        The session context is destroyed when the HTTPSession times out, after all
        HttpSessionListeners have been called, and at the very end of any request in
        which invalidate() was called, after all filters and ServletRequestListeners
        have been called.

      Those definitions are different.

      The session context rule seems to be a combination of "or" items that
      include some "and" items. It's difficult to parse. It would be clearer
      if it was written as a list. And, like request scoped, it would be clearer
      if it described when the session scope/context is created.

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