Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.22.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [KOGITO-6868] - Add endpoint to kogito process REST API to retrieve source files
  • [KOGITO-6897] - Serveless Workflow IT persistence
  • [KOGITO-6927] - Add support for header access on $WORKFLOW
  • [KOGITO-6957] - Use Quarkus Extension OpenAPI client gen III: implement OpenApiSpecInputProvider
  • [KOGITO-7077] - Add support for collections in dataindex, not only in the runtime
  • [KOGITO-7081] - Use Quarkus Extension OpenAPI client gen V: Fixing known issues


  • [KOGITO-6982] - Kogito Persistence addon for Postgresql breaks Serverless Workflow process into infinite loop
  • [KOGITO-7062] - Random test failure in ProcessDataIndexPostgreSqlIT
  • [KOGITO-7100] - Pipelines: Jenkinsfile are supposing a boolean env var is there
  • [KOGITO-7101] - DSL: Correct GHA DSL checks
  • [KOGITO-7102] - $SECRET, $WORKFLOW and $CONSTANT should be treated as literals when replaced
  • [KOGITO-7110] - DSL restructure: Nightlies do not get correct env variables
  • [KOGITO-7153] - Remove optaplanner BDD tests
  • [KOGITO-7206] - A process with two activities is executed with errors


  • [KOGITO-7083] - BDD: Update Travel Agency scenario
  • [KOGITO-7138] - Kogito-examples should use `quarkus-reactive-routes` instead of `quarkus-vertx-web`


  • [KOGITO-5821] - Include integration test for process-events addons in kogito-runtime repos
  • [KOGITO-7112] - Default port for RestWorkItemHandler should be 80, not 8080
  • [KOGITO-7139] - Change implementation approach for $CONSTANT, $SECRET and $WORKFLOW
  • [KOGITO-7152] - debug output logger for processes in quarkus dev mode

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