Release Notes - Kogito - Version 1.15.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [KOGITO-6322] - Restore Jandex on processes quarkus extension + lazily initialize DataIndexEventPublisher


  • [KOGITO-5775] - PSQL table doesn't exist upon deployment in Helm
  • [KOGITO-6093] - JandexProtoGenerator NPE when generating process with variable of type List
  • [KOGITO-6130] - Outbox example hitting pull rate limit in Docker
  • [KOGITO-6196] - Data Index persistence exception when processing Milestone information
  • [KOGITO-6200] - Missing logger configuration for Jobs service images
  • [KOGITO-6239] - kogito-quarkus-common-deployment artifact is missing in kogito-bom
  • [KOGITO-6240] - Kogito - Process (jBPM) extension is missing on
  • [KOGITO-6258] - Quarkus: DevServices: "Built-in" Kafka hot-reload blocks process
  • [KOGITO-6260] - BDD tests: Tests delete existing Subscriptions
  • [KOGITO-6304] - Increase job Id storage size for postgresql.
  • [KOGITO-6309] - Kogito Spring Boot Archetype doesn't include DMN examples with decisions starter
  • [KOGITO-6310] - `process-quarkus-example` with persistence profile does not compile anymore with Quarkus 2.5
  • [KOGITO-6319] - LocalDate* are on available in the ObjectMapper
  • [KOGITO-6329] - JIT Executor fails on `/jitdmn` post request
  • [KOGITO-6333] - Serverless workflow extension should include the `quarkus-jackson-rest` lib
  • [KOGITO-6346] - Setting up MongoDB/PostgreSQL persistence for Serverless workflow errors for generating proto
  • [KOGITO-6362] - BDD tests: Make maven call more reliable on downloading artifacts
  • [KOGITO-6387] - Add native support for expression handlers
  • [KOGITO-6414] - Operator fails reconciliation when specific KafkaTopic exists
  • [KOGITO-6459] - kogito 1.14.1 incompatible with quarkus 2.6.0.Final mongo persistence


  • [KOGITO-5863] - Async execution in Process Runtime
  • [KOGITO-5947] - BDD: Kogito supporting service persistence failover
  • [KOGITO-6054] - Installing Kogito Operator on OpenShift
  • [KOGITO-6056] - Installing Kogito Operator on Kubernetes
  • [KOGITO-6057] - Installing Kogito CLI (Contains the procedure for all operating systems)
  • [KOGITO-6230] - prepare kogito-operator for multi-arch builds
  • [KOGITO-6231] - Enable rhpam kogito builder and runtime image build with OpenJ9 for IBM Z and Power
  • [KOGITO-6241] - Pipelines: Add @optaplanner-team in body of all notifications for kogito-ci
  • [KOGITO-6265] - Get kogito.persistence.type from quarkus configuration
  • [KOGITO-6293] - Update metric endpoint in kogito-operator
  • [KOGITO-6303] - [SW] Document Kogito Serverless Workflow implementation capabilities
  • [KOGITO-6374] - Enable `dmn-event-driven-quarkus` project in default profile
  • [KOGITO-6396] - Non unique test case IDs in process-kafka-* examples
  • [KOGITO-6527] - Optaplanner post-release job


  • [KOGITO-6125] - Kogito Operator default Builder broken
  • [KOGITO-6324] - Simplify Process Service Delegate for REST endpoints
  • [KOGITO-6337] - Integrate Kogito Knative Eventing Extension with Kogito Knative
  • [KOGITO-6419] - Codegen Support for Yaml Application Files

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