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Feature Request


  • [KOGITO-5729] - Jobs service fails when the DB is not empty
  • [KOGITO-5896] - Configure Cypress tests to be executed as part of ui-packages maven build.
  • [KOGITO-6026] - Fix encoding for protobuff infinispan cache
  • [KOGITO-6084] - Pipeline is timeout due to lock taking a lot of time
  • [KOGITO-6119] - Nightly: Examples Images and Operator BDD are failing in LTS mode
  • [KOGITO-6140] - Kogito Images artifacts are not updated by Nightly pipelines


  • [KOGITO-4106] - Migrate pending task service functionality from JBPM to Kogito


  • [KOGITO-5810] - Public API Maven Modules: verify if jandex-maven-plugin can be inherited
  • [KOGITO-5900] - BDD: Use direct full tag for BDD tests parameters
  • [KOGITO-5924] - Public API: Add Native Integration Tests
  • [KOGITO-5948] - Remove JavaScript expression support from runtimes
  • [KOGITO-6011] - Add Task comments and attachments to data index
  • [KOGITO-6013] - Gateway API: task comments and attachments update, delete operations
  • [KOGITO-6077] - Fix memory leak in Kogito processes
  • [KOGITO-6078] - MongoDB performance improvements for kogito benchmarking
  • [KOGITO-6220] - Drools promote job is not existing
  • [KOGITO-8043] - Pipelines: Jenkins: Rename `master` node reference to `built-in`


  • [KOGITO-5284] - Refactor Kogito Cloud Services to Addons and proper runtime
  • [KOGITO-5550] - [SW] Implement support for jq expressions for data transformation
  • [KOGITO-5551] - [SW] Introduce Expression Engine API
  • [KOGITO-5817] - Disable REST codegen if resteasy is not present
  • [KOGITO-5864] - Provide default config values for kogito-addons-springboot-messaging beans

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