Release Notes - Agroal - Version 2.1 - HTML format


  • [AG-194] - Poolless : activeCount not decreased if SQLExcption when createConnection
  • [AG-195] - Do not create Iterator instances for empty collections
  • [AG-196] - [spring] AgroalDataSource and DataSourceUnwrapper not working
  • [AG-197] - Pool goes under min-size when connections go over max-lifetime
  • [AG-198] - [spring] agroalDataSource setMetrics always enable metrics
  • [AG-200] - PropertyInjector does not work for char[]
  • [AG-201] - Unable to use connections from connection pool when new connections cannot be established
  • [AG-202] - Don't check transaction status on `ConnectionWrapper.isClosed()`


  • [AG-203] - Update dependencies prior to release

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