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[spring] AgroalDataSource and DataSourceUnwrapper not working


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      I have a io.agroal.springframework.boot.AgroalDataSource and I wrap it into another DataSource like DelegatingDataSource, for example. After that I need to unwrap it to retrieve the AgroalDataSource. For this purpose I tried DataSourceUnwrapper doing the following:


      DelegatingDataSource delegatingDataSource = ... //wrap AgraolDataSource
      AgroalDataSource agroalDataSource = DataSourceUnwrapper.unwrap(delegatingDataSource , io.agroal.api.AgroalDataSource.class);

      But I get null.

      This is due to implementation of methods isWrapperFor and unwrap in class io.agroal.springframework.boot.AgroalDataSource are delegating into the underlying datasource.

      I have a workaround, extending io.agroal.springframework.boot.AgroalDataSource, and implemeting these methods:

      public class MyAgroalDataSource extends io.agroal.springframework.boot.AgroalDataSource {
        public <T> T unwrap(Class<T> iface) throws SQLException {
          if (iface.isInstance(this)) {
            return (T) this;
          return super.unwrap(iface);
        public boolean isWrapperFor(Class<?> iface) throws SQLException {
          return iface.isInstance(this) || super.isWrapperFor(iface);

      But It will be nice if Agroal take into account this use case and apply this changes in its source code.

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