Release Notes - Debezium - Version 2.1.3.Final - HTML format


  • [DBZ-5827] - ActivateTracingSpan wrong timestamps reported
  • [DBZ-5915] - Postgresql Data Loss on restarts
  • [DBZ-5925] - debezium-connector-cassandra 2.1.0.Alpha2 plugin can no longer run "out of the box"
  • [DBZ-5973] - MongoDB Incremental Snapshot not Working
  • [DBZ-6064] - Mask password in log statement
  • [DBZ-6075] - Loading Custom offset storage fails with Class not found error
  • [DBZ-6084] - SQL Server tasks fail if the number of databases is smaller than maxTasks
  • [DBZ-6091] - Reading SSN field can lead to Numeric Overflow if a transaction contains more than Integer.MAX_VALUE SQL sequences
  • [DBZ-6101] - GCP Spanner connector start failing when there are multiple indexes on a single column
  • [DBZ-6107] - When using LOB support, an UPDATE against multiple rows can lead to inconsistent event data
  • [DBZ-6113] - Negative remaining attempts on MongoDB reconnect case
  • [DBZ-6120] - Tables with spaces or non-ASCII characters in their name are not captured by Oracle because they must be quoted.
  • [DBZ-6125] - Offsets are not advanced in a CDB deployment with low frequency of changes to PDB
  • [DBZ-6143] - Oracle TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE is emitted as GMT during snapshot rather than the specified TZ
  • [DBZ-6163] - Debezium truncating micro/nanosecond part if it is all zeros with time zone
  • [DBZ-6190] - Config options internal.schema.history.internal.ddl.filter not working
  • [DBZ-6465] - last_in_data_collection instead of last in snapshot field


  • [DBZ-6006] - Prepare MongoDB ExtractNewDocumentState SMT doc for downstream GA
  • [DBZ-6044] - Refactor OCP deployment job
  • [DBZ-6045] - Refactor ARO deployment job
  • [DBZ-6069] - Invalid links breaking downstream documentation build
  • [DBZ-6130] - Remove references to adding configuration settings to a .properties file
  • [DBZ-6150] - Upgrade Quarkus dependencies to 2.16.3.Final
  • [DBZ-6191] - Disable advance slot checking


  • [DBZ-6094] - Reduce verbosity of skipped transactions if transaction has no events relevant to captured tables
  • [DBZ-6116] - Support String type for key in Mongo incremental snapshot
  • [DBZ-6156] - Add hostname validator to connector configuration

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