Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.4.2.Final - HTML format


  • [DBZ-2745] - Wrong reference to KafkaConnector in setting up Debezium
  • [DBZ-2754] - Oracle Connector(Using Logminer) with Oracle RDS (v12) does not capture changes
  • [DBZ-2795] - Oracle connector causes ORA-65090 when connecting to an Oracle instance running in non-CDB mode
  • [DBZ-2865] - Warnings and notifications from PostgreSQL are ignored by the connector until the connection is closed
  • [DBZ-2984] - ExtractNewRecord SMT incorrectly extracts ts_ms from source info
  • [DBZ-3001] - Replication terminates with ORA-01291: missing log file
  • [DBZ-3009] - Support multiple schemas with Oracle LogMiner
  • [DBZ-3013] - Documentation `LOCK_TABLES` should be `LOCK TABLES`
  • [DBZ-3019] - Complete support for properties that contain hyphens
  • [DBZ-3057] - SQLException for Global temp tables from OracleDatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() makes Debezium snapshotting fail
  • [DBZ-3067] - no viable alternative at input 'create or replace index'
  • [DBZ-3090] - Strange transaction metadata for Oracle logminer connector
  • [DBZ-3103] - Environment Variables with spaces are truncated when written to properties file
  • [DBZ-3109] - Error: Supplemental logging not configured for table. Use command: ALTER TABLE
  • [DBZ-3151] - Final stage of snapshot analyzes tables not present in table.include.list thus stumbles upon unsupported XMLTYPE table
  • [DBZ-3168] - Forever stuck with new binlog parser (1.3 and later) when processing big JSON column data
  • [DBZ-3172] - XStream does not process NUMER(1) data
  • [DBZ-3193] - DML parser IndexOutOfRangeException with where-clause using "IS NULL"
  • [DBZ-3194] - ORA-01284 file cannot be opened error when file locked by another process
  • [DBZ-3200] - CommitThroughput metrics can raise division by zero error


  • [DBZ-2788] - Replace MySQL connector option with SMT for mitigating wrong op flag
  • [DBZ-2813] - OSD certification
  • [DBZ-2815] - Integration with Service Registry promoted to GA
  • [DBZ-3034] - Remove build deprecation warnings
  • [DBZ-3069] - Use new deployment endpoint for releases to Maven Central
  • [DBZ-3087] - Remove zero-width whitespace from option names
  • [DBZ-3111] - Remove duplicate anchor links in Connector properties
  • [DBZ-3119] - Config validation for Oracle
  • [DBZ-3138] - Clarify required privileges for using pgoutput
  • [DBZ-3156] - Update Oracle documentation
  • [DBZ-3163] - Put IIDR license requirement into NOTE box
  • [DBZ-3165] - Avoid dependency to JAXB classes
  • [DBZ-3167] - Remove COLUMN_BLACK_LIST option in Oracle connector
  • [DBZ-3192] - Minor editorial update to PostgreSQL connector documentation
  • [DBZ-3195] - Incorrect link/anchor pair for truncate.handling.mode property in PG properties documentation


  • [DBZ-2858] - Make field descriptions consistent for time values (milliseconds, ms, sec, seconds, etc)
  • [DBZ-3036] - Detect and skip non-parent index-organized tables
  • [DBZ-3038] - Capture additional JMX metrics for LogMiner
  • [DBZ-3056] - SqlServerConnector does not implement validate
  • [DBZ-3078] - Improve DML parser performance
  • [DBZ-3110] - Add ability to skip tests based on available database options
  • [DBZ-3153] - Capture LogMiner session parameters when session fails to start

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