Release Notes - Debezium - Version 1.6.0.Alpha1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-3382] - Sink adapter for Apache Kafka
  • [DBZ-3403] - Optimisation on MongoDB and MySQL connector for skipped.operations


  • [DBZ-1721] - io.debezium.text.ParsingException: no viable alternative at input 'IDNUMBER(4)GENERATEDBY'
  • [DBZ-2699] - SKIPPED_OPERATIONS is added to CommonConnectorConfig.CONFIG_DEFINITION although it's not implemented in all connectors
  • [DBZ-3238] - Snapshot fails when reading TIME, DATE, DATETIME fields in mysql from ResultSet
  • [DBZ-3349] - Update to fabric8 kube client 5.x
  • [DBZ-3397] - An exception in resolveOracleDatabaseVersion if system language is not English
  • [DBZ-3404] - Change strimzi branch in jenkins openshift-test job to main
  • [DBZ-3409] - Broken link in downstream Monitoring chapter 7.3
  • [DBZ-3411] - Broken link in content-based routing chapter to page for downloading the SMT scripting archive
  • [DBZ-3413] - LogMinerDmlParser mishandles double single quotes in WHERE clauses
  • [DBZ-3414] - Incorrectly formatted links in downstream automatic topic creation doc
  • [DBZ-3415] - SMT acronym incorrectly expanded in Debezium User Guide
  • [DBZ-3422] - MariaDB -- support privilege DDL in parser
  • [DBZ-3423] - Change oc apply in jenkins openshift-test job to oc create
  • [DBZ-3429] - SQL Server property ( only matches 1st entry if comma-separated list also contains spaces
  • [DBZ-3453] - Permission issue when running docker-compose or docker build as user not having uid 1001
  • [DBZ-3467] - no viable alternative at input 'DROP TABLE IF EXISTS group' (Galera and MariaDB)
  • [DBZ-3468] - Debezium MySQL connector does not process tables with partitions
  • [DBZ-3478] - The building tools' version in README doc is outdated
  • [DBZ-3497] - MySQL DATE default value parser rejects timestamp
  • [DBZ-3499] - MySQL8 GRANT statement not parsable


  • [DBZ-2870] - Build Debezium with Java 11
  • [DBZ-3118] - Config validation for Db2
  • [DBZ-3133] - Add smoke test for UI
  • [DBZ-3161] - Create new metric "CapturedTables"
  • [DBZ-3233] - Handle deadlock issue for MySql build stuck for 6h
  • [DBZ-3270] - Document using Connect REST API for log level changes
  • [DBZ-3297] - User Guide corrections for SQL Server connector
  • [DBZ-3298] - User Guide corrections for Db2 connector
  • [DBZ-3299] - User Guide corrections for MySQL connector
  • [DBZ-3300] - User Guide corrections for MongoDB connector
  • [DBZ-3365] - Allow building the Oracle connector on CI
  • [DBZ-3369] - Add tests for Protobuf Converter
  • [DBZ-3379] - Use current SQL Server container image for testing and examples
  • [DBZ-3392] - Reword prereq in downstream SQL Server connector doc
  • [DBZ-3402] - Duplicate entry in MySQL connector properties table for `mysql-property-skipped-operations`
  • [DBZ-3416] - Docs clarification around tombstone events
  • [DBZ-3427] - Validate logical server name contains only alpha-numerical characters
  • [DBZ-3449] - Provide a "quick" build profile
  • [DBZ-3458] - Avoid warning about superfluous exclusion during packaging
  • [DBZ-3463] - Upgrade binlog client


  • [DBZ-3032] - UI Backend Architecture: Get rid of embedded connectors in favor of accessing registered Kafka Connect clusters
  • [DBZ-3473] - Incremental snapshotting
  • [DBZ-3474] - Testsuite ability to build Connect image with with Apicurio

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