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User Guide corrections for SQL Server connector


      In Q3 2020 the content of chapter 3.6 Deploying Debezium PostgreSQL connectors of the User Guide was updated based on observations recorded by Ramesh. PostgreSQL, as described in DBZ-2621. Many of the corrections that were made also apply to the SQL Server connector documentation.

      Long-term, because the steps for deploying each of the connectors are more or less the same, the goal is to create a deployment module that can be added to the documentation for each connector via an include statement. For now, because the update implies some restructuring, I'll update each of the individual connector files separately. After I've worked through any inconsistencies, I'll go on to the next step of creating a shared module.

      Restructure content and consolidate subsections of 5.4.1 into a single procedure - in inventory-connector.yaml the "labels" is wrong it should be (lines smudged into a single line)

         strimzi.io/cluster: my-connect-cluster
      • The configuration example incorrectly refers to kind: KafkaConnector.
        It should be kind: KafkaConnect
      • Add the following annotation to the Kafka Connect resource yaml:
      apiVersion: kafka.strimzi.io/v1beta1
      kind: KafkaConnect
        strimzi.io/use-connector-resources: 'true'

      See the Strimzi blog for information about the annotation:

      Step 2.ii and 2.iii
      Provide alternate docker commands alongside current podman build and push commands.
      Explicitly specify the target container registry in the examples, such as quay.io or registry.redhat.io.
      Update "push" examples by qualifying them with generic placeholders, for example, docker push <myregistry.io>/debezium-container-for-mysql:latest.
      See Step 3iii in Deploying Kafka Connect in the Getting Started guide.

      Step 5.i

      oc logs $(oc get pods -o name -l strimzi.io/name=my-connect-cluster-connect)

      should be

      oc logs $(oc get pods -o name -l strimzi.io/cluster=my-connect-cluster)

      The sample yaml file has

       apiVersion: kafka.strimzi.io/v1beta1

      It should be

      apiVersion: kafka.strimzi.io/v1alpha1 

      Not applicable. Streams 1.6 is based on Strimzi 0.20.1, for which v1beta1 is correct

      Updated the version literal with an attribute.


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