Release Notes - Debezium - Version 0.9.0.Beta2 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-563] - Add option for dropping deletes and tombstone events to MongoDB struct recreation SMT
  • [DBZ-966] - Expose "" option for all connectors
  • [DBZ-971] - Convey original operation type when using flattening SMTs
  • [DBZ-978] - Provide last event and captured tables in metrics
  • [DBZ-1010] - Skip MySQL BinLog Event in case of Invalid Cell Values


  • [DBZ-604] - BinaryLogClient can't disconnect when adding records after shutdown has been initiated
  • [DBZ-612] - UnwrapFromMongoDbEnvelope fails when encountering $unset operator
  • [DBZ-842] - "no known snapshots" error when DBs rows are large
  • [DBZ-848] - MongoDB connector stops processing oplog events after encountering "new primary" event
  • [DBZ-923] - MySQL active-passive: brief data loss on failover when Debezium encounters new GTID channel
  • [DBZ-960] - ConnectException: Only REPEATABLE READ isolation level is supported for START TRANSACTION WITH CONSISTENT SNAPSHOT in RocksDB Storage Engine
  • [DBZ-977] - ConnectException during ALTER TABLE for non-whitelisted table
  • [DBZ-987] - UnwrapFromMongoDbEnvelope fails when encountering full updates
  • [DBZ-989] - UnwrapFromMongoDbEnvelope fails when encountering Tombstone messages
  • [DBZ-1000] - Postgres schema changes detection (not-null constraint)
  • [DBZ-1002] - NPE in SqlServerConnectorTask#cleanupResources() if connector failed to start
  • [DBZ-1003] - Explicitly initialize history topic in HistorizedRelationalDatabaseSchema
  • [DBZ-1005] - BinlogReader ignores GTIDs for empty database
  • [DBZ-1006] - NPE in MySqlConnectorTask.stop()
  • [DBZ-1007] - The name of captured but not whitelisted table is not logged
  • [DBZ-1008] - GTID set is not properly initialized after DB failover
  • [DBZ-1009] - Postgres Connector fails on none nullable MACADDR field during initial snapshot
  • [DBZ-1017] - Connector crashes with java.lang.NullPointerException when using multiple sinks to consume the messages
  • [DBZ-1021] - Postgres connector fails upon event of recently deleted table
  • [DBZ-1023] - ORA-46385: DML and DDL operations are not allowed on table "AUDSYS"."AUD$UNIFIED"
  • [DBZ-1024] - Postgres plugin does not signal the end of snapshot properly
  • [DBZ-1028] - MySQL Antlr runtime.NoViableAltException
  • [DBZ-1030] - Debezium 0.8.2 and 0.8.3.Final Not Available on Confluent Hub
  • [DBZ-1031] - Snapshot of tables with reserved names fails
  • [DBZ-1032] - UnwrapFromMongoDbEnvelope doesn't support operation header on tombstone messages
  • [DBZ-1033] - Mysql binlog reader lost data if restart task when last binlog event is QUERY event.
  • [DBZ-1047] - The same capture instance name is logged twice


  • [DBZ-688] - MySQL 8 compatibility
  • [DBZ-992] - Don't hard code list of supported MySQL storage engines in Antlr grammar
  • [DBZ-999] - Provide updated KSQL example
  • [DBZ-1001] - Update to Kafka 2.1
  • [DBZ-1004] - Skipt Antlr tests when tests are skipped
  • [DBZ-1016] - Fix expected records counts in MySQL tests
  • [DBZ-1037] - Cannot run tests against Kafka 1.x
  • [DBZ-1050] - Configure MySQL Matrix testing job to test with and without GTID


  • [DBZ-954] - Add support for Oracle 11g
  • [DBZ-1020] - UnwrapFromMongoDbEnvelope refactor

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