Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.58.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-6387] - ClassCastException for the same declared type when updateToVersion with createFileSet
  • [DROOLS-6418] - Avoid alpha node sharing with static method
  • [DROOLS-6430] - Nested map access in RHS fails in exec-model
  • [DROOLS-6492] - 2nd incremental update causes misfiring of a rule with 'from'
  • [DROOLS-6494] - [Test Scenario] No effects when assigning a not-expression Simple Type column to expression type (and viceversa)
  • [DROOLS-6524] - Kie server fails to resolve kie.conf files from jars in Tomcat


  • [DROOLS-6522] - Make FallbackableTypeFactory optional


  • [DROOLS-6415] - Impact Analysis : analyze modified map key/value
  • [DROOLS-6477] - [Test Scenario] Collections Data Objects can be filled with expressions only.
  • [DROOLS-6507] - Impact Analysis : analyze literal bind variables

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