Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.32.0.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [DROOLS-4872] - "customSerializationMapper" in JSONMarshaller.configureMarshaller() doesn't respect JSONMarshallerExtensions


  • [DROOLS-3280] - DMNRuntime API for evaluateByID/Name to error if empty array
  • [DROOLS-3957] - Make verifier panel use docks
  • [DROOLS-4724] - [DMN Designer] Do not default to a LiteralExpression when no expression is defined
  • [DROOLS-4852] - Add SonarCloud integration to openshift-drools-hacep repository
  • [DROOLS-4907] - DMN FunctionDefinition parameter not trimmed by editor
  • [DROOLS-4911] - Allow bound variables to be a function of 3 and 4 other variables
  • [DROOLS-4923] - Added handling an end key for selecting bottom right cell in scenario


  • [DROOLS-3048] - [DMN Designer] CellEditorControl needs to issue a new instance per use
  • [DROOLS-4641] - Running the Traffic Violation tutorial closing DMN editor Zoom toolbar persisted
  • [DROOLS-4664] - Scenario Background Table row duplication
  • [DROOLS-4665] - Scenario Background toolbar buttons state
  • [DROOLS-4723] - Scenario is not closed after deleting
  • [DROOLS-4807] - [DMN Designer] Do not group V&V messages by UUID
  • [DROOLS-4817] - Raise the timeout for generated tests
  • [DROOLS-4829] - Rule with NotNode in the middle is not fired after ksession.reset()
  • [DROOLS-4834] - Raise the timeout for concurrency tests
  • [DROOLS-4846] - [DMN Designer] User is unable to save model when multilevel structure is removed
  • [DROOLS-4847] - [DMN Designer] Entries are expanded when user edit structures in a row
  • [DROOLS-4871] - Complex value list doesn't work in guided rule editor
  • [DROOLS-4882] - [Guided DecisionTable] Incorrect getters and setters for fields that starts with one lowercase letter
  • [DROOLS-4944] - Change Maven Central to HTTPS in Aether
  • [DROOLS-4946] - Karaf integration tests fail
  • [DROOLS-5055] - We are currently migrating our project from 6.5.0.Final-redhat-25 to 7.x and struggling with a breaking change


  • [DROOLS-4618] - Test Scenario: refactor ExpressionEvaluator implementations
  • [DROOLS-4772] - [DMN Designer] Open Properties panel by default
  • [DROOLS-4877] - Upgrade ECJ to make it Java 11 compatible


  • [DROOLS-4855] - Add PackageModel.getQueriesInRuleUnit(String simpleName)

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