Release Notes - Weld - Version 5.1.1.Final - HTML format


  • [WELD-2737] - Weld docs incorrectly state that @ManagedBean can be used to mark a class a managed CDI bean
  • [WELD-2738] - Bean type assignability for recursive generic types
  • [WELD-2741] - Passivation validation throws incorrect exception
  • [WELD-2742] - ProcessInjectionTarget is fired multiple times if PBA.veto() is used for specialized bean
  • [WELD-2743] - BeanManager#getReference always creates child CreationalContext which can lead to issues when destroying instance
  • [WELD-2744] - Classfilewriter 1.3.0.Final breaks our way of creating proxy classes on JDK 17+

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