Release Notes - Weld - Version 5.1.0.Final - HTML format


  • [WELD-2643] - Warning on log during call to BeanManager#isQualifier
  • [WELD-2713] - Decorators are Groovy-unfriendly
  • [WELD-2724] - Update Jandex and get rid of deprecated method usage
  • [WELD-2728] - AbstractResourceServices are not taking into consideration lookup value
  • [WELD-2729] - WeldExpressionFactory.equals returns false for two instances wrapping the same delegate
  • [WELD-2731] - BeanManager built-in bean needs to have BeanContainer amongst its types
  • [WELD-2732] - AbstractResourceServices support for setters where name of the resource is defaulted



  • [WELD-2725] - Make it possible to execute lang model TCKs incontainer
  • [WELD-2726] - Add means to obtain all contextual objects, active or not
  • [WELD-2727] - Update WFLY Arquillian dependencies, fix affected examples

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