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Removal of Weld Probe



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      Next version of Weld will have the Probe tool removed and along with it the development mode (which was a configuration used to trigger it).

      These changes will include:

      • Removal of the probe module and all references in core
      • Removal of the development mode (with deprecation in Weld SE where this was public API)
      • Deprecation of numerous configuration keys linked to Probe
      • Removal of Probe mentions from documentation
      • Removal of Probe usage from examples
      • Bump in project version to 5.1.x since this is a bigger change that will break integrators

      Note that this will cascade to any integrator who integrated Weld Probe - WildFly surely being one of them. I will make sure to send PR there as well and link the issues together. There are probably other integrators who are affected so this needs to be explained in release notes. IIRC, Liberty was using it as well.

      Reasons for removal are that the tool is no longer maintained and has been fairly outdated for some time now; especially in terms of the simple UI included with it. We currently lack the manpower to rewrite it plus there is no data on whether this tool is being used at all.

      Alternative solution

      We could also just drop the UI and keep the server part in form of JSON data provided by Probe.
      This would open up the opportunity for community to write their own client which could be in any form and environment.
      However, we don't know if there is any interest in this and we might just be keeping dead code for no reason.

      If someone from the community comes up with such client, we'd be more than happy to keep (or re-introduce) the server side of Probe in Weld.


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