Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 9.2.1.Final - HTML format


  • [ISPN-8620] - Execute operations concurrently over the same connection
  • [ISPN-8916] - Enable cross origin requests for the admin console
  • [ISPN-8917] - Make CORS configurable


  • [ISPN-6688] - PreferAvailabilityStrategy: Improve selection of segment owners after merge
  • [ISPN-7313] - AbstractFileLookup.lookupFileStrict broken on Windows
  • [ISPN-8134] - Getting TimeoutException during initialization of clustered counter
  • [ISPN-8706] - HotRodMergeTest Timed out waiting for rebalancing to complete
  • [ISPN-8792] - EntryWrappingInterceptorDoesNotBlockTest random failures
  • [ISPN-8842] - Administration console shows only blank page on IE
  • [ISPN-8853] - Registering interposed synchronization fails in async operation with implicit transaction
  • [ISPN-8854] - NullPointerException in SingleFileStore
  • [ISPN-8880] - SoftIndexFileStore process returns nothing when fetchValues is false
  • [ISPN-8885] - Multiple primary owners during conflict resolution
  • [ISPN-8893] - Stack trace of a primary request of Infinispan is lost, damaging supportability severely
  • [ISPN-8895] - InfinispanDefaultCacheFactoryBeanContextTest fails
  • [ISPN-8896] - HTTP/2 support is broken
  • [ISPN-8897] - Indexes from different caches are mixed-up in server mode
  • [ISPN-8898] - Indexing not working using REST with embedded cache manager
  • [ISPN-8903] - Conflict resolution not initiated if node rejoins with same topology
  • [ISPN-8907] - NullPointerException in GlobalStateManagerImpl at startup
  • [ISPN-8910] - CompatModeClusteredCacheTest.testMerge test failure
  • [ISPN-8912] - SoftIndexFileStore does not fail gracefully if max node size exceeds 32767
  • [ISPN-8918] - When a cache is stopped and restarted, its configuration reference within component registry is not refreshed with defineConfiguration/undefineConfiguration
  • [ISPN-8921] - KeyStream stream operations use entrySet on remote nodes
  • [ISPN-8923] - PersistenceManagerCloseableSupplier can timeout if store produces entries too fast
  • [ISPN-8925] - Conflict Resolution can exhaust the ASYNC_TRANSPORT_EXECUTOR
  • [ISPN-8926] - DistributionBulkInterceptor keySet doesn't delegate down chain
  • [ISPN-8930] - RestOperationsTest#shouldPutImmortalEntryWithZeroTtlAndIdleTime random failure
  • [ISPN-8932] - Add dependency-check-maven plugin
  • [ISPN-8933] - NullPointerException in StreamResponseCommand
  • [ISPN-8934] - Off Heap mixes up lifespan and max idle
  • [ISPN-8935] - AbstractFileLookup.lookupFileStrict does not work for jar scheme
  • [ISPN-8938] - CacheNotifier should use the cache member and not the view members
  • [ISPN-8939] - Unsafe iteration over non-concurrent data structure in StateReceiverImpl.
  • [ISPN-8941] - RemoteCacheAdmin configuration name should use cache name
  • [ISPN-8942] - Joiners may miss registered listener
  • [ISPN-8945] - ClusterListenerDist(Tx)AddListener random failures
  • [ISPN-8946] - All collection wrappers should always delegate to underlying collections where available
  • [ISPN-8949] - Clear from data container doesn't remove expired entries
  • [ISPN-8954] - StateReceiverImpl should request segments via an executor
  • [ISPN-8958] - NPE in JGroupsTransport.send(..) when stopping
  • [ISPN-8959] - Infinispan occasionally fails to locate an entry in a cache store when using a bounded data container
  • [ISPN-8970] - Cache.(entrySet|keySet|values).stream.iterator shouldn't support remove
  • [ISPN-8983] - Invalid Ickle query causes server exception
  • [ISPN-8992] - create-on-start atribute ignored for jdbc stores


  • [ISPN-8978] - Remove usage of deprecated GMS#install_view_locally_first

Component Upgrade

  • [ISPN-8881] - Upgrade JGroups kubernetes to 1.0.6.Final
  • [ISPN-8947] - Upgrade to XStream 1.4.10
  • [ISPN-8968] - Upgrade to JGroups 4.0.11.Final


  • [ISPN-8328] - Implement SpringRemoteCacheManager.getCacheNames
  • [ISPN-8757] - Cancel Scheduled TryLock requests if they are already done
  • [ISPN-8769] - Improve log messages on trace
  • [ISPN-8804] - Add example quick-start for Clustered Locks
  • [ISPN-8805] - Add example quick-start for multimap
  • [ISPN-8831] - Support for Accept-Encoding and Content-Encoding handling in the REST Server
  • [ISPN-8860] - Lazy start counter's caches
  • [ISPN-8868] - Expose force unlock with JMX
  • [ISPN-8899] - Extend the existing tests for conflict manager to work on replicated caches
  • [ISPN-8901] - Document deploying custom merge policies on the server
  • [ISPN-8924] - SingleFileStore can run process method substantially faster when it doesn't require values or metadata
  • [ISPN-8927] - Do not hardcode HTTP header and status constants in REST tests
  • [ISPN-8928] - Implemeners of AdvancedCacheExpirationWriter should not have to implement AdvancedCacheWriter.purge(...)
  • [ISPN-8961] - Overload merge-method on BasicCache with lifespan parameters
  • [ISPN-8963] - Add a cachenames admin task to hot rod
  • [ISPN-8995] - Don't depend on mockito-all, just mockito-core

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