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Stack trace of a primary request of Infinispan is lost, damaging supportability severely


      A request is handled by XNIO's "default task-NNN" thread. If the request executes a clustering cache operation, like session replication, it waits for the backup operation on another server. And if the other server failed on the backup operation, the primary server unwraps the exception to print only the remote exception. The original context of thread "default task-NNN" is lost and a user can't even identify what the primary operation was.

      This affects supportability too much. It seems only JDG 7.1 is free from this issue (it has AsyncInterceptorChain). All other releases like EAP 7.1, RHSSO which is based on EAP 7.0 has this issue.

      See the "Forum Reference" link of a mail thread for the detail.

            yborgess1@redhat.com Yeray Borges Santana
            yborgess1@redhat.com Yeray Borges Santana
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