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Infinispan occasionally fails to locate an entry in a cache store when using a bounded data container



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    • 9.2.1.Final
    • 9.2.0.Final
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      If a Cache.get(...) needs to load an entry from the cache store, it uses the PersistenceUtil.loadAndStoreInDataContainer(...) method.

      This method utilizes a DataContainer.compute(...) operation. However, when the data container is backed by a caffeine BoundedLocalCache, the key of the ComputeAction may not be the same as the key from the command, since caffeine wraps keys with an object (e.g. weak reference) which uses the hashCode returned by System.identityHashCode(...). Since loadAndStoreInDataContainer(...) method calls the loadAndCheckExpiration(...) method using the key from the ComputeAction instead of the key from the command, it these instances are not the same, it will fail to locate the entry in the cache store.

      While I have yet to successfully create a reproducer, I've verified the situation in the WF testsuite using the following failed assertion:

         public static <K, V> InternalCacheEntry<K,V> loadAndStoreInDataContainer(DataContainer<K, V> dataContainer, final PersistenceManager persistenceManager,
                                                               K key, final InvocationContext ctx, final TimeService timeService,
                                                               final AtomicReference<Boolean> isLoaded) {
            final ByRef<Boolean> expired = new ByRef<>(null);
            InternalCacheEntry<K,V> entry = dataContainer.compute(key, (k, oldEntry, factory) -> {
               //under the lock, check if the entry exists in the DataContainer
               if (oldEntry != null) {
                  if (isLoaded != null) {
                     isLoaded.set(null); //not loaded
                  if (oldEntry.canExpire() && oldEntry.isExpired(timeService.wallClockTime())) {
                     return oldEntry;
                  return oldEntry; //no changes in container
               assert key == k : "Expected key type " + key.getClass().getName() + " but compute action uses " + k.getClass().getName();
               MarshalledEntry loaded = loadAndCheckExpiration(persistenceManager, k, ctx, timeService);
               if (loaded == null) {
                  if (isLoaded != null) {
                     isLoaded.set(Boolean.FALSE); //not loaded
                  return null; //no changed in container
               InternalCacheEntry<K, V> newEntry = convert(loaded, factory);
               if (isLoaded != null) {
                  isLoaded.set(Boolean.TRUE); //loaded!
               return newEntry;
            if (expired.get() == Boolean.TRUE) {
               return null;
            } else {
               return entry;


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