Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 7.2.0.CR1 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-2183] - Add the ability to fetch a set of keys at once (getAll)
  • [ISPN-5332] - Make sure the Query API exposes IndexReader(s) in some way
  • [ISPN-5347] - Extend org.infinispan.objectfilter.Matcher to support event types and user context data
  • [ISPN-5385] - Update to Hibernate Search 5.2.0.Beta1


  • [ISPN-2813] - DummyTransaction do not commit is last resource transaction is read-only
  • [ISPN-3361] - Tests from failing
  • [ISPN-3725] - Recovery does not work with versioning
  • [ISPN-3826] - CacheResultInterceptor has no InterceptorBindingType
  • [ISPN-4167] - DummyBaseTransactionManager doesn't clean up when rollback fails
  • [ISPN-4322] - AS Remote Client Module Integration Tests module fails with IBM JDK
  • [ISPN-5019] - After coordinator change, cache topologies should be installed in parallel
  • [ISPN-5092] - CDI fails when both remote and embedded uber-jar are present
  • [ISPN-5139] - MissingFormatArgumentException in trace logging in ClusteredCacheLoaderInterceptor
  • [ISPN-5195] - CacheConfigurationException when two methods using default cache configuration are called in same request
  • [ISPN-5205] - CacheResult Interceptor creates wrong CacheManager
  • [ISPN-5242] - Adjust inconsistencies between local-cache and clustered-cache statistics
  • [ISPN-5314] - EventSocketTimeoutTest.testSocketTimeoutWithEvent randomly failing
  • [ISPN-5328] - DummyTransaction does not invoke afterCompletion() if some resource fails to prepare
  • [ISPN-5344] - Caches inherit from default by mistake
  • [ISPN-5351] - read()ing protected Attributes should support user-supplied copying methods
  • [ISPN-5355] - BackupForNotSpecifiedTest.testDataGetsReplicated always fails
  • [ISPN-5365] - JmxManagementIT.testCacheStatisticsAttributes always fails
  • [ISPN-5368] - Out of order events produced when using the MassIndexer with async backend
  • [ISPN-5369] - SuspectException can be thrown without the target node leaving the JGroups view
  • [ISPN-5371] - Cache.putAll doesn't work properly when combatibility is enabled
  • [ISPN-5375] - Some CLI commands (evict, rm) are not codec-aware
  • [ISPN-5384] - ReadCommittedEntry.isNull() always returns false
  • [ISPN-5387] - CompositeNotifyingFuture wraps throwable an additional time


  • [ISPN-5310] - Produce and distribute module
  • [ISPN-5311] - Migrate Infinispan Directory Provider from Hibernate Search codebase
  • [ISPN-5346] - QueryInterceptor::shouldRemove is too strict
  • [ISPN-5359] - Drop old server parsers


  • [ISPN-5085] - Convert REST server to using RESTEasy's Netty container integration
  • [ISPN-5147] - Creation/configuration of caches should not require a server restart
  • [ISPN-5264] - Optimize PutAll operations (library mode)
  • [ISPN-5266] - Optimize PutAll operations (Hot Rod)
  • [ISPN-5306] - Eviction should allow for long size configuration
  • [ISPN-5349] - Use DSL based filters with local and clustered event listeners
  • [ISPN-5350] - Use DSL based filters with Hot Rod event listeners
  • [ISPN-5370] - Make clear() non-transactional and lock free
  • [ISPN-5388] - Optimize redundant predicates (non-indexed query)

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