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CacheResultInterceptor has no InterceptorBindingType


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    • 7.2.0.CR1
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      I'm migrating an enterprise application from JBoss AS 7 to WebSphere AS 8. We use Infinispan as Cache via the JCache API. On JBoss everything works fine. On WebSphere we get the following exception:

      org.apache.webbeans.exception.WebBeansConfigurationException: WebBeans XML configuration defined in file infinispan-jcache-5.3.0.Final.jar!/META-INF/beans.xml is failed. Reason is : Interceptor class : org.infinispan.jcache.annotation.CacheResultInterceptor must have at least one @InterceptorBindingType

      I think the cause is that there is no InterceptorBindingType in the CacheResultInterceptor as required by the specification (https://docs.jboss.org/cdi/spec/1.0/html/interceptors.html) and the CDI implementation of the WebSphere (OpenWebBeans) does not accept Interceptors without bindings.

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