Release Notes - Infinispan - Version 7.0.0.CR2 - HTML format


  • [ISPN-4798] - Add XSite state transfer configuration to server
  • [ISPN-4827] - Add JMX attributes to inspect partition health

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-3986] - Infinispan server should use the management API (provided by JBossAS) to configure/manage the instance and piggypack the specific commands
  • [ISPN-4251] - Remove Java HotRod's client dependency on Apache Avro
  • [ISPN-4656] - Test for GSSAPI authentication and LDAP authorization


  • [ISPN-3830] - Conditional Operation can fail erroneously during ST
  • [ISPN-4027] - TransactionTable.start() initialize the TxCleanupService thread pool even when the cache is NON_TRANSACTIONAL
  • [ISPN-4544] - BaseWordCountMapReduceTest#testCombinerForDistributedReductionWithException doesn't actually test reduce exception
  • [ISPN-4575] - Map/Reduce incorrect results with a non-shared non-tx intermediate cache
  • [ISPN-4629] - Clarify what happens when an available partition and a degraded mode partition merge
  • [ISPN-4643] - Make sure EntryIterator doesn't return expired entries
  • [ISPN-4645] - Many XSD default values do not match the defaults from the corresponding configuration builder
  • [ISPN-4673] - Split-brain: get() returns null when all owners are removed from view
  • [ISPN-4677] - Map/Reduce job fails with the wrong explanation on underlying TimeoutException
  • [ISPN-4681] - Preloading from shared cachestore on a new node with non-shared index is skipping indexing
  • [ISPN-4684] - Segments with potentially stale L1 data are not invalidated correctly
  • [ISPN-4693] - Locks acquired before a partition will never be released
  • [ISPN-4776] - The topology id for the merged cache topology is not always bigger than all the partition topology ids
  • [ISPN-4807] - NPE under high load when using async metadata writes for the Lucene Directory
  • [ISPN-4808] - Release script doesn't work with new distribution
  • [ISPN-4814] - Publishing the site via awestruct doesn't work
  • [ISPN-4819] - Server error and console pages are broken
  • [ISPN-4821] - RHQ operation 'Upload Proto Schemas' no longer works due to changes introduced by ISPN-4357
  • [ISPN-4826] - X-Site State transfer values not propagated correctly
  • [ISPN-4829] - OsgiClassLoader.getInstance() is not thread-safe
  • [ISPN-4832] - Generated rhq-plugin.xml "empty"
  • [ISPN-4837] - @CacheEntryActivated events received for keys not matching KeyFilter
  • [ISPN-4855] - IndexManager start failed
  • [ISPN-4856] - PartitionHandling: majority check in PreferConsistencyStrategy is incorrect
  • [ISPN-4858] - SoftIndexFileStoreTest.testStoreAndRemove random failures


  • [ISPN-1627] - Remove the deprecated OverrideDefault annotation
  • [ISPN-4008] - Server CLI should be based on WF/EAP CLI
  • [ISPN-4488] - Verify performance impact of Lucene 4 and checksumming logic in the Lucene Directory
  • [ISPN-4516] - Upgrade Spring integration to 4.1


  • [ISPN-4708] - Make DirectoryImplementor#deleteFile apply changes asynchronously
  • [ISPN-4775] - UberJar fixes
  • [ISPN-4784] - TestResourceTracker not working properly for OSGi tests
  • [ISPN-4818] - Allow creation of Infinispan caches as OSGi managed service
  • [ISPN-4820] - Change Size method on Cache to return the contents of the entire cluster
  • [ISPN-4830] - Inconsistent naming for the HotRod client Karaf features
  • [ISPN-4852] - PartitionHandling: support replicated caches
  • [ISPN-4861] - Need to change documentation for embedded cluster listeners and client listeners to reference new filter/converter

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