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  • [ISPN-4025] - Cross-Site State Transfer: failure scenarios

Feature Request

  • [ISPN-3921] - Soft Index File Store
  • [ISPN-4057] - ClusteredCacheConfigurationTest.testQueueFlushIntervalMemcached random failures
  • [ISPN-4357] - Use a specific cache for managing protofiles
  • [ISPN-4694] - Apply ASYNC backend indexing options to the RemoteIndexingBackend
  • [ISPN-4736] - Add size() operation to Hot Rod


  • [ISPN-3125] - SpringEmbeddedCacheManagerFactoryBean does not allow overrides when referencing config
  • [ISPN-4017] - Map/Reduce data container actions (map, reduce, combiner) should filter expired entries
  • [ISPN-4026] - ExampleConfigsTest.testSSLHotRodConfig random failures
  • [ISPN-4037] - ClusteredCacheConfigurationTest.testQueueSizeHotrod random failures
  • [ISPN-4421] - Migration from jboss-as to wildfly arquillian-container-managed broke RollingUpgrades tests
  • [ISPN-4470] - cache.keySet().size() returns different value than cache.size() for HotRod client
  • [ISPN-4502] - KrbLdapAuthenticationIT fails on all environments
  • [ISPN-4561] - CacheManager.stop with indexing to Infinispan fails
  • [ISPN-4563] - Race condition in JCache creation for interceptors
  • [ISPN-4567] - InfinispanLuceneDirectoryIT random failure: LifecycleException: The server is already running
  • [ISPN-4579] - SingleNodeJdbcStoreIT.cleanup NPE after test failure
  • [ISPN-4631] - NodeAuthentication*PassIT.testReadItemOnJoiningNode fails on RHEL6
  • [ISPN-4633] - Local transaction not removed from transaction table after a size() operation
  • [ISPN-4686] - Make Infinispan 7.0 binary compatible with 6.x
  • [ISPN-4689] - NumOwnersNodeCrashInSequenceTest random failures
  • [ISPN-4696] - SuspectException kills operation on ClusterRegistryImpl
  • [ISPN-4705] - IllegalArgumentException: Segments must not be null or empty
  • [ISPN-4707] - On leave, Hot Rod client ends up with old cluster formation
  • [ISPN-4716] - Race condition in index initialization prevents nodes to start successfully on empty indexes
  • [ISPN-4717] - Hot Rod 2.0 should add error codes for suspected nodes and stopping/stopped caches
  • [ISPN-4728] - Use uberjars in distribution
  • [ISPN-4731] - Update classpath to ensure Weld loads Guava instead of Google Collections
  • [ISPN-4732] - Can't acquire locks with lockAcquisitionTimeout = 0 immediately after topology change
  • [ISPN-4739] - InfinispanQueryIT test fails randomly on RHEL
  • [ISPN-4742] - Custom Transport is overwrite in configuration parser
  • [ISPN-4743] - Rebalance can hang after the coordinator and another node leave
  • [ISPN-4744] - RemoteCacheOsgiIT fails to run
  • [ISPN-4745] - Cluster Listener TX Batch incorrect when sending multiple events
  • [ISPN-4746] - NPE when preloading cache with DeltaAware values
  • [ISPN-4758] - Protobuf schema parser should not allow duplicate type definitions
  • [ISPN-4759] - CustomCacheStoreIT marked as unstable
  • [ISPN-4760] - Cluster registry doesn't work when rebalancing is disabled
  • [ISPN-4761] - Protobuf schema parser should not allow definitions that have a '.' separated name
  • [ISPN-4765] - Protostream treats all imports as public
  • [ISPN-4766] - Cache can't start if coordinator leaves during join and joiner becomes the new coordinator
  • [ISPN-4769] - XSD documentation generator does not handle some types (e.g. xs:list)
  • [ISPN-4770] - PublicAPI doclet crashes when generics without type parameters are found
  • [ISPN-4780] - Protostream should not require package name on imports
  • [ISPN-4781] - CustomFailurePolicy.init is never called.
  • [ISPN-4787] - FD_SOCK timeout causing random test failures
  • [ISPN-4796] - Compilation errors in Eclipse
  • [ISPN-4801] - ConcurrentModificationException on the FileListCacheValue
  • [ISPN-4803] - start-jbossas.xml does not set JBOSS_HOME for server integration tests
  • [ISPN-4804] - DeltaReplicationTest.testDeltasAreSent random failure


  • [ISPN-1261] - Complete the work on the event bridge between Infinispan and CDI
  • [ISPN-2042] - Add easy trace logging facility to the test suite
  • [ISPN-2125] - Add a Weld test to testsuite
  • [ISPN-4330] - Add test for distributed Rest RollingUpgrades scenario
  • [ISPN-4385] - Document installation process for OSGi containers
  • [ISPN-4733] - Investigate potential issues with System.nanoTime() overflow
  • [ISPN-4748] - Source code always recompiled (no incremental compilation)
  • [ISPN-4754] - Module dependency to Hibernate Search should use slot version 5.0
  • [ISPN-4788] - Remove pax-url-mvn dependency
  • [ISPN-4789] - Avoid having two OSGi containers running at the same time.

Component Upgrade


  • [ISPN-3402] - Add JDBC Cache Store config to RHQ plugin
  • [ISPN-4377] - Make receiving state for Hot Rod client listeners optional
  • [ISPN-4611] - Explore ability to use Put-Async in some operations on the Lucene Directory
  • [ISPN-4620] - Add partition handling configuration in the server
  • [ISPN-4664] - Consider passing command retries flag to remote events
  • [ISPN-4678] - Trim down ExpandableMarshalledValueByteStream to the actual data length before storing in cache
  • [ISPN-4692] - Optimize externalizer for FileListCacheValue
  • [ISPN-4697] - Single cache operation generates two sequential synchronous calls to the indexing engine
  • [ISPN-4710] - DistributedSegmentReadLocker should be allowed to skip ReadLocks on small files
  • [ISPN-4734] - Hot Rod marshaller for custom events...etc, needs to be configurable in server
  • [ISPN-4753] - Add oldValue, oldMetadata and retry flag to filter and converter for Cluster Listeners.
  • [ISPN-4763] - Create a new status for when put/putIfAbsent/replace return the previous value
  • [ISPN-4767] - Make Lucene Directory compatible with Apache Lucene 4.8, 4.9 and 4.10
  • [ISPN-4771] - Combine doclets to avoid running javadocs multiple times
  • [ISPN-4773] - Clean up distribution packaging
  • [ISPN-4774] - Demos should depend on uberjars
  • [ISPN-4782] - Server should use FORK instead of a Mux block
  • [ISPN-4790] - Protostream must be able to compile the schemas incrementally
  • [ISPN-4792] - RemoteClusterListener still invokes filter/converter
  • [ISPN-4805] - Raise the default chunk size for the Lucene Directory to 1MB

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