Release Notes - RESTEasy - Version 4.4.0.Final - Text format

Feature Request

  • [RESTEASY-2361] - Spring Web: use the method parameter name if annotation configuration is not provided
  • [RESTEASY-2364] - Add support for remote ip/address without requiring HttpServletRequest
  • [RESTEASY-2378] - Spring Controllers should work without @RequestMapping


  • [RESTEASY-1914] - RESTEasy-Netty4 timeout management
  • [RESTEASY-2277] - resteasy-jsapi-testing pulls in vulnerable dependencies
  • [RESTEASY-2324] - RESTEasy client should disable Apache Http Client cookie management feature by default
  • [RESTEASY-2386] - Microprofile rest client - redeployment WELD-001414: Bean name is ambiguous.
  • [RESTEASY-2390] - Reactor Netty Client Integration leaks memory when an exception is thrown from filter chain


  • [RESTEASY-2143] - Replace JavaEE spec API dependencies with corresponding JakartaEE ones
  • [RESTEASY-2339] - Switch com.sun.mail:javax.mail dep to jakarta.mail:jakarta.mail-api
  • [RESTEASY-2384] - Update WFLY versions in Travis CI configuration

Component Upgrade


  • [RESTEASY-2220] - Throw exception instead of WARN on multiple resources matching request
  • [RESTEASY-2338] - add test module for embedded tests
  • [RESTEASY-2360] - Cache lookups that yield a null HeaderDelegate
  • [RESTEASY-2362] - Allow UnmodifiableMultivaluedMap to create EntrySet lazily
  • [RESTEASY-2375] - Allow Caching of ResteasyUriInfo construction data
  • [RESTEASY-2377] - Proper handling of ClientHttpEngine configuration
  • [RESTEASY-2379] - Multipart resolution with new RESTEasy @FormParam annotations

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