Release Notes - JBoss Transaction Manager - Version 6.0.1.Final - HTML format


  • [JBTM-3739] - Create Narayana Bom module
  • [JBTM-3761] - Use dependency management in performance repo (Narayana bom)

Feature Request

  • [JBTM-3755] - Optionally store participant data during the registration phase
  • [JBTM-3757] - Improve Narayana and other products' configuration in the performance repository


  • [JBTM-2524] - CMRIntegrationTest failed with can not start the container
  • [JBTM-3756] - Change bean discovery mode in the lra client module to "annotated"
  • [JBTM-3758] - Missing test for Short Running Actions (SRA) on Quarkus
  • [JBTM-3759] - Missing version in the bom for dependency log4j-core
  • [JBTM-3760] - ArjunaJTA/narayana-jta installed pom.xml is missing jboss-transaction-spi dependency
  • [JBTM-3768] - QA tests do not keep logs for both runs of emptyObjectStore
  • [JBTM-3769] - QA TestGroup_txcore_recovery failure
  • [JBTM-3771] - Remove vertx in narayana-bom
  • [JBTM-3777] - QA needs transitive dependencies


  • [JBTM-3677] - Remove standalone-cmr.xml from ArjunaJTA/jta

Component Upgrade


  • [JBTM-3753] - Make the concurrency of the LRA coordinator start method configurable
  • [JBTM-3754] - Allow JDBCStore DataSources to be supplied at runtime
  • [JBTM-3766] - Generate jandex for ArjunaCore
  • [JBTM-3767] - LRA API versioning scheme is too restrictive
  • [JBTM-3773] - Update trace messages that refer to Hornetq

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