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Feature Request

  • [ISPN-5209] - Ability change cache settings on the fly


  • [ISPN-3702] - Too many threads for cleaning up infinispan transactions
  • [ISPN-4213] - clustered Wildfly unexpected nodes SuspectException
  • [ISPN-5743] - SIFS.start() throws IllegalArgumentException: Negative position
  • [ISPN-5753] - SIFS can reincarnate deleted entries during startup
  • [ISPN-5883] - Node can apply new topology after sending status response
  • [ISPN-5968] - Cache statistics are not shown for local caches in mgmt console
  • [ISPN-6071] - NullPointerException when executing RemoveExpiredCommand
  • [ISPN-6079] - Searching nodes in management console by IP address doesn't work
  • [ISPN-6096] - Cache container page does not show any containers when more hotrod-connectors are defined
  • [ISPN-6116] - query-dsl module shoud use jboss-logging
  • [ISPN-6120] - Management console - there should be a warning about possible data loss when stopping the cluster
  • [ISPN-6124] - List of caches is sometimes visually corrupt
  • [ISPN-6394] - Coalesce server group view and Infinispan/JGroups view
  • [ISPN-6405] - Persistence configuration with clustered cache can cause duplicate expiration messages
  • [ISPN-6464] - Possibility to get black (login) background in all console pages
  • [ISPN-6465] - Managent console - launching task with no parameters creates one empty parameter
  • [ISPN-6467] - Management console - can access console after logging off
  • [ISPN-6469] - EventLog minor fixes
  • [ISPN-6500] - can't edit indexing properties in console
  • [ISPN-6516] - Update aesh to 0.66.4
  • [ISPN-6518] - org.infinispan.transaction.xa.GlobalTransaction objects are not cleared properly
  • [ISPN-6529] - Not possible to manage cache backups in cache configuration page
  • [ISPN-6540] - Management console doesn't display cache containers correctly if there are two containers with the same name
  • [ISPN-6543] - Spark connector fails with CCE when compatibility mode is enabled
  • [ISPN-6544] - Management console should not be accessible in standalone mode
  • [ISPN-6549] - The query-dsl bundle does not export required packages for OSGi
  • [ISPN-6550] - Remote iterator does not work in compatibility mode
  • [ISPN-6555] - Remove references to Deprecated fields 'queue-size' and 'queue-flush-interval'
  • [ISPN-6556] - SegmentListenerNotifier.completeSegmentsNoResults is not called for batches without values
  • [ISPN-6559] - Provide module for Infinispan Directory that satisfies the slot "for-hibernatesearch-5.5"
  • [ISPN-6562] - CLI remoting doesn't work with WildFly 10
  • [ISPN-6563] - If Infinispan is used as a provider for JCache using the remote approach it will not pick up the
  • [ISPN-6565] - Remove command doesn't work in server
  • [ISPN-6567] - Server CLI doesn't support help for commands
  • [ISPN-6569] - CLI codecs should not be available if not running in a supported environment
  • [ISPN-6571] - Adapt to configuration template changes
  • [ISPN-6574] - JCache CacheManger need to know about existing caches if remote (HotRod) is used
  • [ISPN-6575] - SkipOperation uses limit instead of skip
  • [ISPN-6580] - Hotrod performance regressions after ISPN-5342 ISPN-6545
  • [ISPN-6583] - Can't update cache configuration unknown field 'is-create-mode'
  • [ISPN-6587] - Eviction type does not chage after reconfiguring in console
  • [ISPN-6589] - ProtobufIndexedFieldProvider may mistakenly report nested fields as unindexed
  • [ISPN-6593] - LevelDB tests fail on Windows
  • [ISPN-6596] - get and remove don't understand the --codec switch
  • [ISPN-6599] - PutAll operation in the Hot Rod client only partially completed during topology changes
  • [ISPN-6602] - ParallelHotRodOperation failover not working
  • [ISPN-6623] - Thread leak in the HotRod Server
  • [ISPN-6715] - MongoDB store doesn't adhere to cache store schema


  • [ISPN-5342] - Refactor Hot Rod server code
  • [ISPN-6475] - Remove the async log4j2 appender in the test configurations
  • [ISPN-6578] - Add named param perf test


  • [ISPN-5354] - HotRod putAll/getAll send proper CH routing
  • [ISPN-5782] - SIFS persist index on clean shutdown
  • [ISPN-6389] - Warn if a class if found in small and uber jars
  • [ISPN-6404] - Add missing schemas into docs/schemas for ISPN
  • [ISPN-6490] - Cassandra CacheStore should support properties-based configuration as well
  • [ISPN-6504] - Try to use the index even if the query matches all entries
  • [ISPN-6570] - Add a disconnect command to the server CLI for symmetry with embedded
  • [ISPN-6629] - Enable Netty Epoll support by default in the Hot Rod server

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