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Hotrod performance regressions after ISPN-5342 ISPN-6545


      There were 2 recent regressions in hotrod performance, one between commits dd5501c5e and 628819461 and the second one between 628819461 and db0890270. I didn't look for the exact commits, so the name of the issue might not be 100% exact...
      It is easily reproducable locally with a single server instance, reproducer attached.

      The numbers on my machine:

      Build commit Puts time Gets time
      dd5501c5e 21 74
      628819461 26 102
      db0890270 48 224

      The JFR recordings (attached, captured is only the part of the test with gets) for db0890270 show a lot of time is spent in HotRodDecoder#resetNow(), and also the allocation rate goes from 100MB/s for dd5501c5e to over 1GB/s for db0890270. There are no glaring differences between dd5501c5e and 628819461.

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