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[deferred] enable day2 tagging for OSD/ROSA/HCP


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      User Story

      As a customer of ROSA/OSD I want to take advantage of the OpenShift feature that allows the cluster to tag its underlying cloud infrastructure with cloud tags, specifically day2 / after the installation of a cluster.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • all ROSA client interfaces (ROSA CLI, API, Terraform provider, UI) can utilise the day2 tagging feature on ROSA clusters
      • all OSD client interfaces (API, Terraform provider, UI) can utilise the day2 tagging feature on OSD clusters
      • this feature does not affect the Red Hat owned day1 tags built into OCP/ROSA/OSD

      Default Done Criteria

      • All existing/affected SOPs have been updated.
      • New SOPs have been written.
      • Internal training has been developed and delivered.
      • The feature has both unit and end to end tests passing in all test
        pipelines and through upgrades.
      • If the feature requires QE involvement, QE has signed off.
      • The feature exposes metrics necessary to manage it (VALET/RED).
      • The feature has had a security review.* Contract impact assessment.
      • Service Definition is updated if needed.* Documentation is complete.
      • Product Manager signed off on staging/beta implementation.


      Integration Testing:

      Current Status

      GREEN = On track, minimal risk to target date.
      YELLOW = Moderate risk to target date.
      RED = High risk to target date, or blocked and need to highlight potential
      risk to stakeholders.


      Links to Gdocs, github, and any other relevant information about this epic.

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