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Include support for Windows Server Version 2022 in WMCO/WMCB


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      User story

      As a WMCO user, I want to deploy WMCO using Windows Server 2022 LTS  so that Windows workloads can run on the latest Windows Server version from the Long Term Servicing channel.


      To support Windows Server 2022 LTS the pause container image should be updated to 3.6

      For references see Windows  Server 2022 image announcement post

      Engineering Details

      In WMCB the pause container image should be updated in the code, there is a dependency for a ready to use Windows Server 2022 LTS VM Template in vSphere to validation, tracked by WINC-685 .

      WMCO should be updated to point the WMCB submodule to the commit that includes the new pause container image.

      Login into vCenter and ensure the Windows Server 2022 VM Template is located at `windows-golden-images/windows-server-2022-template`. The template's HW version should be 15.

      Update the vphere provider configuration in WMCO e2e test to use `windows-golden-images/windows-server-2022-template`.

      In order to use the Windows Server 2022 template in our platform=none CI job, release repo work is required: change the image used in the UPI setup script

      Slack thread around Windows Server 2022 support

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Validate the  Windows Server 2022 LTS golden image in vSphere
      • Windows workloads are able to run using Windows Server 2022 LTS
      • 'vsphere-e2e-operator` job uses `windows-golden-images/windows-server-2022-template` and pass.
      • the platform=none CI job uses the 2022 template and passes





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