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Upgrade RESTEasy from 6.2.7.Final to 6.2.8.Final


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    • 32.0.0.Beta1, 32.0.0.Final
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      Tag: https://github.com/resteasy/resteasy/releases/tag/6.2.8.Final
      Diff: https://github.com/resteasy/resteasy/compare/6.2.7.Final...6.2.8.Final

      Note that this upgrade introduced two behavioral changes that were deemed to be bugs.

      1. RESTEASY-3205 - When the RoleBasedSecurityFilter is used, the response for errors was of type text/html even though the response itself was not valid HTML and should be text/plain.
      2. RESTEASY-3443 - When RESTEASY-3380 was resolved, the new ExceptionMapper returned a 500 response when it really should have been a 400. This was somewhat changed behaviors from releases prior to 6.2.7.Final. However, in some cases a 400 was also thrown. The new change always returns a 400 (Bad Request) response if a JsonProcessingException is thrown. Note this is easily worked around by adding a custom ExceptionMapper or com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonProcessingException
      3. RESTEASY-3470 - It was found the Apache HTTP Client might leave connections in CLOSE-WAIT status. The fix was to evict idle and expired connections. This is hard-coded to evict these every 60 seconds.

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            jperkins-rhn James Perkins
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