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Verify and re-enable disabled Quickstarts after migration to Jakarta EE 10


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      On WFLY-16791 we did the 2nd iteration wrt the migration of Quickstarts to Jakarta EE 10, but only the build was tested and thus we opted for disabling such Quickstarts on the project build and distribution.

      On this task we should do, for each disabled Quickstart:

      1. Re-enable the quickstart on the build, i.e. uncomment the module on the root pom.xml maven profiles
      2. Re-enable the quickstart on the dist, i.e. remove the exclusion of the quickstart directory on dist/src/.../assembly.xml
      3. Fully test the quickstart with WildFly 27 (baremetal only), following its README, and fix any issue it may have
      4. Submit a PR with all the changes done on previous steps (targeting the created subtask JIRA, not this one)

            emartins@redhat.com Eduardo Martins
            emartins@redhat.com Eduardo Martins
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