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Starting JBoss in suspended mode and mod_cluster


      Customer from case 02568618 identified that starting/restarting server (domain mode) in suspended mode is enabling contexts to mod_cluster.

      With the change from Jira JBEAP-18610 the application contexts from running servers that are suspended are DISABLED/STOPPED from mod_cluster.
      When using the following commands:

      [domain@localhost:9990 /] /host=master/server=server-one:suspend()
      [domain@localhost:9990 /] /server-group=main-server-group:suspend-servers()

      But the application contexts are started as ENABLED when starting a stopped server or restarting a running server in suspended mode. When using the following commands:

      [domain@localhost:9990 /] /host=master/server-config=server-one:restart(start-mode=suspend)
      [domain@localhost:9990 /] /host=master/server-config=server-one:start(start-mode=suspend)

      and in the standalone mode (contexts are ENABLED to mod_cluster):

      sh standalone.sh -c standalone-ha.xml  --start-mode=suspend

      The customer request is to start the application contexts as DISABLED/STOPPED when starting a server in suspended mode.

      After discussing with Chao Wang, he suggested to open this Jira for discussion. Could it be a feature request ?

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